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Web Site Development Services Available

We build web sites for small businesses and organizations like yours.

The sites we build are highly functional, findable and easy to manage and maintain. We build them that way on purpose.

Small business web site toolkits and services make growth easier

Just saying that we build web sites is not quite enough for some people. We like those types of people! They want to know the rest of the story. Here it is:

Web Site Development:

A small business, whether a start-up or established, needs a web site. It's an expected part of the proof that the business is "for real". Create a new online presence for your business and make sure that it's manageable, secure and meaningful to your audience.

Web Site Re-development:

A typical business web site has a life-span of between 3 and 5 years. After that, the technology ages and the cosmetics start looking dated. More importantly, many sites require careful maintenance in order for them to remain secure online. The older a site gets the more attention it needs. Eventually there comes a time when you just need to replace it.

Organic SEO Review:

All web sites should be built properly. This is part of a good organic SEO strategy. After that the content matters most. But how can you tell when your site is built in a way that helps search engines like Google and Bing read your content? It's tricky stuff to learn. Or you can you hire us and we'll perform a full site review for you.

Custom Development:

Many businesses and organizations just need a site that will share their message and their vision to the right people. Other sites need far more. Whether it's a custom e-commerce shopping cart with weird and wonderful unique features, or a franchise business portal for the local reps to order supplies and report their growth, or perhaps a golf course with special features for their members - we've done it. Actually... we really have! These are three recent examples of custom development that we've created for clients.

Fully customized web sites are more like online applications. They have to be built in a way that works for (and with) your business. We don't build off-the-shelf sites using tools like WordPress and Joomla!  We build your site - for you - from the ground up.

Let us know how we can help you. Contact us and let's talk about your project.