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Data Protection Options

The safety and security of your web site matters to us.
It should matter to you too.

Backups and copies of your precious data should be part of your business plan

If we build your site then we have a copy of all the files, resources and code that was used to get it up and running. We back this info up both locally and in secure, commercial, off-site locations so that if anything happens to us or our office, then your files will be protected.

But this is not the whole story. We have your basic site covered, sure. But what about all the content that you’re adding to it via the customizes CMS that we built for you? Unlike the old days when this info was part of the files themselves, most of your written content is stored in a database on your server.  That’s where the CMS stores it when you add content to your site. Plus, if up add photos or product images to your site, these are stored on the hosting server as well.

On-Server Backup Choices:

We also offer a local automatic backup service for your CMS database.

On-Server Backup: This will back up your database of written materials on a regular basis. The backup happens daily, weekly and monthly and is tightly integrated into the CMS itself. Without interruption to the site, it will make a complete copy of all the written materials in the database. This normally covers your articles, page info, testimonials, product descriptions, sales reports, inventory counts, client accounts, etc. Anything that is written as content of your site is backed up and stored on the server.

This is an inexpensive way to protect the largest section of the most meaningful data on your site. The backup is automatic and we can roll back to a previous version of your written content very easily. This does not back up your photos, embedded documents (such as PDFs) or other graphics. The database backups are stored on your hosting server and are not copied off-site.

We Recommend:

We also recommend several personal and business backup services that you can use for your own files and business machines. For mission-critical content we like [referral link] and for large-scale backups for things like photos or home video collections we like

OneDrive, DropBox and SugarSync are also tools we like. These offer a combination of backup and file sharing/syncing between computers. We use OneDrive and DropBox in particular to sync files between our own PCs, laptops, tablets and phones.

We also have a complete list of the small business products and services that we recommend.