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Start-ups Come in All Sizes

We're a small business. We get it. There are limits to everything and we have to work within them. But it's our job to get the best value from your web site development investment. In House Logic will build a highly-functional, customized web site and make it work for you.

Small businesses need professional web sites that reflect what they really do.

In 2005 our founder decided to turn his moonlighting job of building web sites into a real business. With the help of good people at the London Small Business Centre, the support of friends and family, a bit of careful effort, In House Logic was born.

We’re sympathetic to the realities of a micro-business start-up. The cash is limited but the demands are huge. There are so many decisions and often little to base them on. We get it. We can help.

Web Site Development Packages:

We offer a range of web site development options for different types of clients. These flow and mix a bit so we can usually adjust a package to add the custom bits that are important for your project.

Spark: Solid Basics with a Turn-key Simplicity

Everything needed to hit the ground running.  We have a number of different approaches for this group so what we do depends on the nature of the business and the short-term goals. The basics are properly looked after for each of these projects. The sites and pages are built with the same care and attention as any of our projects. We just leave out a lot of the more complex site management and advanced integration services. These sites use one of our standard site templates and are laid out based on our decades of experience. But, since we're custom developers, we can certainly build in extras that may be important to you. This includes a CMS service so you can still update your site content for yourself. Fundamental SEO and good security combine with a simple structure to put your site on a path success - and eventually move up to one of the other packages we offer.

Find out more about our SPARK web site package.

Blaze: 100% Custom, Built-to-Suit

A complete, highly functional and customized CMS and web site. These sites are built to fit your business process from the ground up. They are more like online applications than traditional web sites. 

These sites are a flexible foundation for growth and expansion. They offer a design and CMS combination which can grow with you when it needs to. This is the start of a fully-functional advanced web site, but it's just starting out. Security, self-management of your site and content, and solid organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are all included here.  These sites are built to grow and best serve a small business with regular content updates such as an active blog, e-commerce products, order-taking or article archive.

These normally include:

  • Custom-fit, commercial Content Management System to let you control your site and its content. We organize and adjust it just for you.
  • Proven, simple and accepted organic Search Engine Optimization coding techniques. Helps to get your content properly understood and read by Google and Bing.
  • Mobile Responsive Design supports screens of all sizes, from tiny to gargantuan.
  • Expandable and semi-automated site space for articles, blogs, galleries, etc. to let you add new material whenever you want.
  • Simple in-bound and out-bound social media integration to let people easily share the content from your site to their tribes.
  • Spam-reducing custom contact form keeps the spammers and automatic site attack systems at bay.
  • Tested and dependable, industry standard hosting services including email support and everything needed to be the long-term home of your web site.
  • Optional backup services for yoru data and files.

Plus you get more than two decades of small business web development experience at your service.

Let Us Help You:

Contact us now to discuss your web site project.

What we Don't Do:

We look after a lot things for our clients, but we believe in sticking to what we know best. So:

  • We might build web sites but we don’t create the content. We can suggest several excellent copy-writers if you’d rather not do that work yourself.
  • We also believe that your social media interaction should be done in your own voice and not that of a hired contractor. So we don’t work in that field either.
  • Lastly, we don't take over the management of pre-existing sites expect in a temporary sense. This is usually while we're building a replacement site.

We have a range of tried and tested solutions and options for start-ups and micro-business owners. We've done it for ourselves and have helped dozens of entrepreneurs get off the ground. If you really want to do things right, and can have a laugh along the way, give us a call.