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Practical Web Sites for Small and Micro Business.

It's your new idea - your new baby. But you can't be an expert in everything. Let us help with your new web site.

Sole proprietors and micro-businesses need tools to match their world

A web site is an expected part of the marketing plans of any small business. We build workhorse web sites for small businesses and organizations. Regardless of whether a site is big or small, we feel it should be tailored to fit your business.

A custom-fit web site isn't about how pretty it can be. It's about how well it works. A good web site should be easy to manage, easy to use and easy to find. Our way of doing this is to avoid the common shortcuts and build using trustworthy technology and proven methods. On this platform we carefully craft a system to let business owners truly manage their web site. We don't shoehorn your business into a on-size-fits all site manager. We build the site to work for your business.

We start with using a small, purpose-built, 100% Canadian site managementsystem (CMS). This secure and flexible tool lets you have real control over the content of your site. We then customize this system to match your marketing plans, your business logic and the needs of your clients. This makes your web site easy to manage because it follows the real-world patterns of your business. It's a tailored, custom fit rather than off-the-shelf solution.

Whether you need a unique design or want to work from an adapted commercial template, we can help.

Our basic expectations for a small business web site:

  • Custom-fit, commercial Content Management System
  • Proven, simple and accepted organic Search Engine Optimization coding techniques.
  • Mobile Responsive Design.
  • Expandable sections for articles, blogs, galleries, etc.
  • Robust, custom-built shopping carts for e-commerce features.
  • Simple in-bound and out-bound social media integration.
  • Spam-reducing custom contact form.
  • Tested and dependable, industry standard hosting services.
  • Plus you get more than two decades of small business web development experience at your service.

A Turn-key Web Option:

If a custom-built web site is too much to deal with right now, we also offer a simple turn-key project package. It delivers a reliable basic web site with no hassle and no fuss. We take over the whole process of site design, layout, coding and function and ask that you just provide the content.

Find out more about our SPARK web site package.

We're big on transparency so we'll cut to the chase. If you're running a small business, have a real business plan and are willing to learn and grow with our help, then we're here for you. We're not a style-over substance design boutique. Our sites put your business first. They work. They get found. And they can do what you need.

Give us a call.