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Vancouver Hair Loss

Client: Maria Jaggard Salon


The thriving Maria Jaggard hair salon offers a special line of service for hair loss sufferers. They approached us with a clear need to have their existing site rescued from technical and security failures. They also wanted to move towards being more mobile-friendly... BUT... they absolutely wanted to maintain the cosmetic look of their existing site.

We were able to recreate the appearance they desired but to add all the features they wanted with a more modern and secure CMS and code style.

Much like their own products, this web site replace their earlier one discreetly and seamlessly. Now they have been able to grow their content and maintain their online message for themselves.

Project Features

 Replacement Site
A new site built to replace a previous one.
 Mobile Friendly
This site uses a mobile responsive approach to make sure it works on all screen sizes.
Search Engine Optimization was a big concern for this project.
This project uses a Content Management System to let the clients control their own site material.
 Blog or Article Manager
Collection of articles managed by the client.
 Custom Design
We designed this site from the ground up.
This is either a site that we've been asked to manage but not replace or a design provided by the client. Rare situation!