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Sanderson Outdoor



Caring for your property just makes sense. But it's a lot of work. Hard-working Robert Sanderson wanted to create a web site that not only adertised his landscaping business, but also would change according to the season.

We built this site a long time ago but we still like it. Four times a year, just before the change of each season, the site automatically rearranges itself to put the current and upcoming seasons towards the front. For each season it shows the key landscape and property management services that are most commonly needed in that season. It also then offers hints for home owners as to what they should be doing to help keep their environment healthy and safe.

Project Features

 New Business Site
The first web site a business ever had.
Search Engine Optimization was a big concern for this project.
 Advanced Application
Custom development for a specialty aspect of this business. Turns a web site into a business application.
 Custom Design
We designed this site from the ground up.