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Client: Kartners (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Showcasing a vast collection of bathroom fixtures for use by designers and architects, Kartners came to us in need of support for their established web site.

Over many years of partnership we have been able to keep the original client-mandated design intact while adding and refining many features of this complex showcase. It now includes a dealer locator system, reseller management tools, imperial-to-metric measurement conversions, finish colour selection, sales/spec sheet downloads and even technical drawnings for installation.

Project Features

Search Engine Optimization was a big concern for this project.
This project uses a Content Management System to let the clients control their own site material.
 Advanced Application
Custom development for a specialty aspect of this business. Turns a web site into a business application.
 Business Systems
Custom-built tools to support the business. i.e. Sales reports, inventory controls, franchise management, banner ads etc.
 Team Work
We worked with an outside team on this project.
This is either a site that we've been asked to manage but not replace or a design provided by the client. Rare situation!