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Home Goods Online

Client: Windsor Bay Communications


Providing up-to-date national news and market intelligence for the Canadian home furnishings and appliance business is hard work. The writing staff at Home Goods Online have the scoop on this country-wide business sector. They write about it - in depth - at length.

We built their first web site in 2005/06 and it's stood the test of time for exactly 10 years! But early in 2016 we lanched the Phase 1 replacement site. Custom built to fit their evolving needs and ready to accept the more-than 6500 articles in their history, the new site offers a modern look and a mobile-friendly user experience. When they started the last site, the iPhone hadn't been invented yet.

We built the new site and converted their wealth of historical articles so that their work could continue. And it has. In a matter of days they are up and running with the new system and expanding their plans for the balnace of the year as a result.

We love it when a plan comes together!

Project Features

 Return Client
We've worked with this client before and maybe even built their previous site.
 Replacement Site
A new site built to replace a previous one.
 Mobile Friendly
This site uses a mobile responsive approach to make sure it works on all screen sizes.
Search Engine Optimization was a big concern for this project.
This project uses a Content Management System to let the clients control their own site material.
 Blog or Article Manager
Collection of articles managed by the client.
 Business Systems
Custom-built tools to support the business. i.e. Sales reports, inventory controls, franchise management, banner ads etc.