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Geeks On Demand



Remote support services for home and small business PC users is the name of the game for Geeks On Demand.

This site was built with a simple, but customized CMS to allow the business owners to easily udpate their marketing and particularly, their customer support files and articles.

Sadly, this site closed in 2015 with the sudden passing of the business founder.

Project Features

 New Business Site
The first web site a business ever had.
Search Engine Optimization was a big concern for this project.
This project uses a Content Management System to let the clients control their own site material.
 Blog or Article Manager
Collection of articles managed by the client.
This site has a shopping cart or some other way to collect payments for good or services.
 Advanced Application
Custom development for a specialty aspect of this business. Turns a web site into a business application.
 Custom Design
We designed this site from the ground up.
 Team Work
We worked with an outside team on this project.