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Fit Family Challenge

Client: Charlotte Parent Magazine (Morris Media)


A large-scale health tracking project spanning North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. We were brought in to rebuild the pages to work properly with mobile devices based on the client's new designs. We worked closely with the client designers and back-end developers to deliver this highly interactive site in the spring of 2015. The site is open only for a period of time each year as part of ongoing state-wide initiatives.A large update was undertaken in early 2016 to add new features and update the site cosmetics.

Project Features

 Return Client
We've worked with this client before and maybe even built their previous site.
 Replacement Site
A new site built to replace a previous one.
 Mobile Friendly
This site uses a mobile responsive approach to make sure it works on all screen sizes.
Search Engine Optimization was a big concern for this project.
This project uses a Content Management System to let the clients control their own site material.
 Blog or Article Manager
Collection of articles managed by the client.
 Advanced Application
Custom development for a specialty aspect of this business. Turns a web site into a business application.
 Business Systems
Custom-built tools to support the business. i.e. Sales reports, inventory controls, franchise management, banner ads etc.
 Team Work
We worked with an outside team on this project.
We did some research and reported on our findings as part of this project.