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Web Development Portfolio

We've worked with some facsinating people and on many interesting projects - large and small. Here are some of the ones that stick out for us.

Please take a moment to view some of our recent collection of web development projects. Each one has a bit of information about the businesscase and the way in which we helped it come to life.

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Projects with Spark Site Package Features:

The Spark site package is a  fixed-menu of all the bits your site really needs, and none of the fiddly extras. It works with our entry CMS and lets the site owner easily update a site that does all the basics very well. Ideal for smaller projects and start-ups.

Chris Young Kaizen Lawn & Landscape
Kaizen Lawn & Landscape

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Spartan Supplies Ltd. Spartan Supplies
Spartan Supplies

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Jack & Matthew Vlemmix Accurate Window Cleaning
Accurate Window Cleaning

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The Van de ven and Hipple Families Komoka 5on5 Hockey
Komoka 5on5 Hockey

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Linda Rousch 4 Key Corners Bookkeeping
4 Key Corners Bookkeeping

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This is not a complete list of all our projects. We're hard at work building new sites right now! Plus, there are more than a few older ones that we simply haven't had time to add here.