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For Our Family of Clients

Once the site is built, the relationship has just begun.

We've been lucky to have met some great people over the years. Our clients become part of the fabric of our lives and we often get to know a lot about them... even if we've never actually met!  If you're already one of our family of clients, we thank you for the trust you've placed in us.

What can we do for you?

Site Review:
A site should have a yearly review to make sure it’s healthy and secure. Also, styles change and business develops. Sometimes the web site gets left behind. We can help you take a critical look at your site and suggest changes or updates.

CMS Updates:
Your CMS needs occasional health checks and updates. We do these as needed but try to keep it from interfering with your work.

Site Backups:
We have a copy of the files that make up your site. But in the event of digital apocalypse, this is going only solve some of your problem. The stuff that makes your site meaningful to your clients is your content. All your pages sections, articles, photos and testimonials are stored in the database of your web hosting server. We offer two basic levels of backup services to help protect your investment.

New Work:
This is what we live for! Let’s expand the site. Or maybe build a new one for a spin-off project. We’re game for it.

This is usually an SEO review to take a fresh look at your site and offer suggestions about tweaks and changes that might help search engines better understand your content. But this can also be a range of other services such as:
  • Setting up a bulk-mail system for your newsletter
  • Reviewing technicaloffers from 3rd-party suppliers
  • Preparing trade show support info

... and more.

And Just as a Reminder...

There are limits to what we can do:

  • We can't leap over tall buildings.
  • We can't make time run backwards. Please let us know early if you need something done.
  • We can't read your mind. If you have a particular vision for something, do share the details.
  • We can't ride a unicycle and juggle fresh fruit at the same time. But we might have a special announcement about that in the future.

Client Magazine:

We also curate a Filpboard Magazine to help our clients stay up to date on key technology and business news. We carefully select useful, interesting and trustworthy articles from around the web for our business clients.