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To Possible Future Clients

Looking for a new web support team?

In House Logic might be a good fit for you. We work hard to understand your business vision and goals. We then apply our decades of web design and development experience to help you reach them.

New Projects:

A new web site is always full of possibility and potential. There are no limits on what can be done. But there are very real limits on what should be done. Once we explore a new project we offer a range of possible solutions that we feel will work well for you. We consider your target audience, your long-term goals, your overall technical comfort levels and your short term budget before putting forward a realistic set of options.

We like to stick to proven, tested and measurable techniques and approaches. We’re not going to offer you something wacky and “super creative”. That’s not us. We develop highly functional sites that are user-friendly, easy to manage and which can be found on Google and Bing. We’ll do this by building a sensible, secure and attractive web site that simply works.

Replacement Sites:

A typical small business web site lasts about 3-5 years. If it’s well planned and supported with a good, secure Content Management System, it might last even longer. There are a few main reasons why a business site gets replaced (we cover these on our Site Replacement page) but the bottom line is that there is an investment which has run its course.

Our approach is always to make sure that we save what is working and valuable on the old site and transfer it to the new one. Then we apply our experience by adding the new features and functions that we build for you.

Taking Over an Existing Web Site:

We sometimes will manage an older site for a short period while we build a replacement. But that’s about it. We normally will not assume the support or development role for a pre-existing web site.

We’ve come to realize (slowly) that it is usually better to just rebuild a site than to inherit old problems. Since most sites of this sort have been around for a while anyway, they are probably due for a replacement soon anyway. We have a long list of sensible and time-tested reasons for this but we’ll save you the reading time. It’s just something that we don’t do.

If you want to find out more about how our web development process normally works, have a look at our What to Expect as a New Client page.

So, that’s the good news.
Here’s the bad stuff...

Just to keep the expectations clear:

  • We have a waiting list for new, larger projects. It will normally be 2-3 months before we can start your job. We can get some things looked after before then though. For example, we can get your hosting and email set up, plan your project and (if needed) select your commercial template or maybe even create your custom site design.
  • We are web development consultants and we stick to what we do best. We don’t manage your social media or do the copy writing for your project.
  • We don’t work with WordPress, Joomla or Drupal systems. We don’t support these platforms and will not take over their management.
  • We believe that the most important functions of a web site are to be found, to be safely usable and serve the target audience. If you feel that a site should be beautiful at the expense of these features then we’re probably not your first choice of web development team.
  • We love to help you understand your web tech. We’re likely to tell you more than you wanted to know about it. But we will keep it down to what you need to know. If we’re giving you details about something, it’s because you’re going to need that info.
  • We like to have a laugh even with the work is serious. If you are pathologically unable to see the humour in things then we’ll not be a good fit for you.
  • We can't read minds.

Okay? So that should balance out all that great suff up above.

So now you know who we are - warts and all.

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