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About In House Logic

We make web sites that are usable, findable and profitable.

In 2005 our founder, Jayme Cousins, had to decide whether or not to turn his hobby of web development into a real business or not. In House Logic opened for business in February of that year with a goal of helping small business professionals to get their message online safely and effectively.

We’ve stuck to that basic vision despite the huge changes in technology and the world at large. We now build web sites for clients all over North America and have often been asked to teach or lecture at the London Small Business Centre, Fanshawe College and elsewhere. This is great because we like sharing what we know with people who want to learn.

These days we offer a range of services but they all still focus on small businesses and organizations. We can offer entire start-up packages for fledgling entrepreneurs, complete site replacements for existing businesses, or custom web application sites for anyone who can describe their workflow. We do this while adopting trusted and reliable organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and supporting current trends in small and mobile screen sizes.

Our preferred projects are ones where we can make a real difference to our clients. The project that has gone off the rails with another developer, or the site that has been all but forgotten about are great challenges. But the key thing that makes us enjoy our day is working with people who want to learn and who can have a laugh along the way.

Our team is made up of a bunch of geeks and professionals – sometimes in the same body. Jayme still leads the charge from just outside of London Ontario, Canada. He’s worked on web sites since the early 1990’s and is (increasingly cranky, but) still keen on making web sites work and deciphering techno-babble for real business people.

The rest of the team will depend on the job at hand. We work in close connection with Interactive Tools, Inc. based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They not only make the excellent CMS tool on which we base most of our projects, but they also provide excellent development services. In addition, we work with several independent and freelance service providers in the fields of graphic arts and software development. All our team members work and live in Canada.

So, that’s the good news.
Here’s the bad stuff...

Just to keep the expectations clear:

  • We have a waiting list for new, larger projects. It will normally be 2-3 months before we can start your job. We can get some things looked after before then though. For example, we can get your hosting and email set up, plan your project and even select your commercial template or develop your custom design.
  • We are web development consultants and we stick to what we do best. We don’t manage your social media for you or do the copy writing for your project.
  • We don’t work with WordPress, Joomla or Drupal systems. We don’t support these platforms and will not take over their management.
  • We believe that the most important functions of a web site are to be found, to be safely usable and serve the target audience. If you feel that a site should be beautiful at the expense of these features then we’re probably not your first choice of web development team.
  • We love to help you understand your web tech. We’re likely to tell you more than you thought you wanted to know about it. But we will keep it down to what you need to know. If we’re giving you details about something, it’s because you’re going to need that info.
  • We like to have a laugh even with the work is serious. If you are pathologically unable to see the humour in things then we’ll not be a good fit for you.
  • We can't read your mind.

So now you know who we are - warts and all.

In Other News:

London Small Business Centre
In House Logic was also featured by the London Small Business Centre as a contributing partner firm.