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We Build Web Sites that Actually Work

Your web site should be findable, readable and secure. It needs to speak clearly to your clients and be understood by Google.

We do that.  Contact Us

What We Do

A custom-built web site let's you manage your message, branding & customers in a way that fits your business. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. We strip away the techno-junk and leave you the parts that you're actually going to use and which really help your online business. Then we wrap it all up in an attractive, functional and manageable site. This makes your investment work for you.

We are business problem-solvers and developers first. Our focus is on making your web site speak to your audience and be found by Google. It's built from the ground up be more secure, more findable, and more readable. It has to do this before it has to do anything else. That's just reality. We make that happen.

Sample Projects:

View more of our recent and past projects in our portofilio of web client web sites.

Web Site Refresh

Have a site that's 3-5 years old? That's about 40 in dog years. We will rebuild your site without losing you search engine history, add mobile support and give you better control than you've ever had before.


SPARK Web Starter

We offer a turn-key web site building option for small business owners who just want to get it done right - without the hassle. Our SPARK sites are a well-built, secure and practical low-cost option to get a real web site up and running..


Search Engines

Getting Google & Bing to understand your site is critical for your success. There are right ways and wrong ways to do this. We help put you on the path to long-term, organic search engine (SEO) success.


Custom-built Web Sites

We build-to-suit web applications to fit your needs. Our site management tools let you take real control over your secure, functional and responsive online presence. If an off-the-shelf web site won't work, we will.


Backup Services

Get peace of mind with our optional site and database backup services. Once your site is built, rest assured that a copy of your most up to date version is safely stored away.


Experience… Lots of It

We've been making small business web sites for a very long time. We've learned a lot. Working with us means that your web site gets the benefit of that knowledge.


We Go Beyond "Just the Basics".

We believe that properly-built web sites are the minimum that you should expect. Security, search-engine access, mobile support and good, experienced advice should be built right into your project.

Our sites normally include:
The site and the content management software (CMS) are customized for your business. Not just another off-the-shelf web site.
 Canadian-made CMS
Easily update all your site content yourself with this secure tool that can grow and change with your business.
 Spam-reducing Contact Form
Help separate the clients from the spammers.
 Mobile Responsive
The site adjusts to your viewers' native screen size. Now a preference for both Google and human users.
 Data Backups
peace of mind with optional levels of backup services for your content and files.
 Structured for You
Built-in guides to help you make better SEO and marketing decisions.
 Organic SEO Coding
Makes your site more Google-friendly... automatically.
 Verified Sitemap
Helps Google & Bing to understand your content and site layout. Gets new web sites listed more quickly.
 Google Analytics
Measure your site performance over time. See how your clients use your site and were the weak points are so you can improve you site.
 Built in Tutorial
Helpful video reminders about how to change content and update your site.
 Hosting Services
Professional web hosting services that match your project needs. Email, database and other services included.
Plus… Our Experience
We've helped dozens of small businesses get started and grow. Let us work with you as you build your site and take advantage of our decades of experience.

Let's Chat

Contact us with your questions and ideas for your project. Let's take the first step!