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Creating Your Web Site

So the time has come to create your business web site. You want to make the right statement, present your message, and share your excitement about your company or project. Now you just need to know what to do next.

You need 5 things to get your web site up and running.

1 - A Domain Name

The domain name is the location address that your viewers will use to find your web site. It is also known as the URL (Universal Resource Locator). For example, this web site is on the '' domain. This is also the part of an email address which comes after the '@' sign. These are unique names and you basically lease them for a period of one or more years. This is a minor yearly cost.

2 - A Host Computer- Read On...

3 - The Web Design and Code - Read On...

4 - Good Content - Read On...

5 - A Maintenance Plan - Read On...

Conclusion - Read On...


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